HOSTEL EL CARMEN is a hostel located near airport, strategically 5 minutes away from the cusco airport Velasco Astete. The airport hostel EL Carmen was built for people that want to rest after the arrival or who want to take aearly or late flight .read more

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Alejandro Velasco Astete Airport is located in the city of Cusco, this airport has a number of commodities which attend to the multitude of tourists which visit the city of Cusco. A number of years ago, it was the first Peruvian airport to make use of jetways. The runway is paved and is 3400 meters (11,155 feet) long and 45 meters (148 feet) wide. The long length of the runway is mainly due of the elevation of the airport. Cusco as a principal tourist attraction in Latin America, receives various domestic flights as well as some international flights. Its runways are completely paved. Currently, it operates at limited capacity due to its precarious location near the city's center.
It was named in honor of the Peruvian pilot Alejandro Velasco Astete who was the first pilot to cross the Andes in 1925. In recognition of his pioneering achievements in Peruvian aviation history, the airport was named in his honor. Velasco Astete Airport.

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